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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service

By placing an order on this site, it is understood that you have read and fully understand and have accepted Resume Specialist Services Inc., ( hereafter known as "RSS") Terms and Conditions. Any person visiting, accessing or purchasing from this site agrees to all conditions of business that are published on this site including but not limited to our returns policy, remedy for defective merchandise, inaccuracy of documents, difficulty in reading electronic submissions due to clients' software or hardware, duplicate order and cancellation policies, exchange polices and any and all terms and trademarks. All policies posted on this site govern each transaction and use of this site. Furthermore when you visit RSS or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you via email or by posting notices on RSS site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide you with electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Material on this site is the copyrighted property of Resume Specialist Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. The information and images presented here may not under any circumstances be reproduced or used without prior written permission. Users may not download material from this site with the express written permission of the Resume Specialist Services Inc. ("RSS").In all cases, you will need written permission from RSS to reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute or publicly display material from this Web site. Users agree not to use the site for sale, trade or other commercial purposes. Users may not use language that is threatening, abusive, vulgar, discourteous or criminal. Users also may not post or transmit information or materials that would violate rights of any third party or which contains a virus or other harmful component. RSS reserves the right to remove or edit any messages or material submitted by users.


RSS believes communication is the key to a successful relationship and seeks to always exceed the client's expectations. It is essential that the client also promptly reply to all questions, drafts and revisions sent by RSS. The communications may be via telephone, mail, email, or fax. These communications shall be delivered clearly. Failure of client to respond within 30 days following the delivery of service will result in the closing and completion of the Clients project without refund.

Project Turn Around Time

Within two (2) business days client shall receive an initial resume draft, given that client has answered telephone interview counseling within that time frame. Clients not available for telephone counseling session within reasonable time frame of two business days from date or original order placement, shall receive their resume draft without benefit of such counseling session. Revisions to such draft and notes by client to follow submission of draft by RSS in timely fashion. After receipt of acknowledgement of draft and any requested revisions, RSS shall furnish such revisions within three (3) to five (5) business days therefrom. RSS agrees to provide expedited forty eight hour (48) service ( 2 business days) if this option is paid and selected by client, subject to client being available within twenty four hours for counseling interview and client returning first draft of resume or other documents promptly. RSS shall not be held responsible for failure to comply with client's requested schedule due to equipment failure or other delays. Please read the Force Majeure section of this agreement for more information as to the limits and scope of this agreement. RSS is not responsible for delays caused by Client's software, hardware, computer or other equipment, or personal issues, loss of materials or other issues out of RSS control.

Pricing and Payment

RSS advises that all prices are good for 30 days from placement of original order. Current prices shall apply if an order is 'shelved' ( no response from client within 72 hours ) and resumed after 30 day time period. RSS agrees to provide client with revisions of resume drafts without additional fees within reason given that the scope or material of the project has not been amended from original requests and materials. Alterations to scope of work may result in additional fees which will be disclosed prior to completion of work.

100% of all fees are due and payable prior to start of work. In the event that the client shall decide for any reason PRIOR to any work by RSS commencing, that said client wishes to cancel order, then refund shall be made to client less an administration fee of 10% of total order cost, to cover ancillary expenses and administration fees. In the event that work has commenced client agrees that all fees are due and payable in full at 100% of cost and are non refundable. Except at the discretion of RSS Management who reserve the right to negotiate a minimal refund given all work has not been completed.

Any project that has been shelved, or where the client has not made contact and fulfilled client responsibilities of setting interview time, returning drafts with approvals as outlined in the communication section of this agreement, shall be terminated after 30 days and no refund shall be given for any reason.

Client agrees to be responsible for full payment of total charges for work performed.

Change of Pricing or Packages

RSS reserves the right to amend pricing at any time. Projects already begun and services already purchased shall not be effected. In the event of a decrease in price or promotional sale of packages or fee schedule, orders placed prior shall not receive the benefit of such reduced fees.


Client is entitled to a reasonable number of revisions for valid reasons. RSS reserves the right to cancel a project at any time. If such decision is made solely by RSS then client shall receive a refund less 10% of cost. Reasons for such cancelation shall not be limited but are likely for such reasons as client intentionally attempts to establish a resume template store. Client understands RSS may cancel project at any time and for any reason subject to this refund.

Force Majeure

RSS it's owners, heirs or assigns shall not be liable for failure to perform client's obligations as a result of Acts of God,unforeseen accidents, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government activities or sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, lockout or interruption, power failure, failure of equipment including telephone, satellite, cable or computer hardware or software or ancillary equipment, computer viruses, interruption of telephone or electrical service, or causes beyond RSS reasonable control and occurring without its fault, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers. No party is entitled to terminate this agreement in such circumstances.


RSS respects the privacy of their clients and agrees that all information collected at this site shall be kept strictly confidential. We request that you NOT submit personal data such as Social Security I.D. numbers, birthdates or other personal data. Information collected shall be pertinent such as your name and address, delivery address, email and credit card data such as required for order process. Please see note below concerning security and payment services.

RSS will not sell, reuse, rent, loan or otherwise disclose your personal data to any third party. RSS will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, disclose information that pertains to RSS clients.

This provision shall remain in effect after project has been completed. RSS agrees to return all documentation, records or other items used or created by RSS, to client at termination of agreement. RSS retains all intellectual property rights for all work produced. Please see Intellectual Property Rights in this Agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

RSS retains intellectual property ownership of all work produced. Clients are permitted to reproduce additional copies via facsimile, scanner, printer or photocopier and can alter their own documents. All documents produced by RSS are individually created to specifically address the unique needs and talents of the individual client. The client is not permitted to transfer ownership to another person or to cause the document (s) to be used as templates for others. This policy protects the integrity and quality of our resume writing and further protects the client ensuring an individually crafted resume is provided. This policy is designed to protect any party from marketing RSS works and products for their own profit and offering services not based on their own writing talents and proven experience. Copyright infringement will be vigorously prosecuted by RSS.

Client gives RSS permission to include content of their resume to be published in any or all forms of media, without compensation of any nature, given that all identifying information including name of employer, name and contact information of client shall be removed. Client may advise RSS in writing prior to final resume documentation being developed, of their wish to be excluded from this release, and RSS agrees to abide by such request. If such request has not been made within this time frame, posting or publishing of such resume data shall not be removed from its location, whether book, site, or other media.

Secure Online Transactions

Online payments made through RSS site are handled via Paypal. Paypal offer a secure method for making payment using all major credit cards or bank debit. For more information on Paypal's security encryption and security questions, please visit the Paypal website. RSS does not capture, store or otherwise have access to your personal credit card information.

Warranties and Liabilities

It is in the client's best interest to work with RSS in a collaborative and timely manner and to supply us with requested information to effect the best possible result. RSS requests active client involvement.

The client understands that RSS cannot guarantee job placement or employment.

The client understands that if they use a computer or other communication service, email address, fax number or other device provided by their employer, that RSS cannot be held responsible for any repercussions of any nature from the use therefrom. Client assumes full responsibility for all consequential damages that may arise from their use of an employers location, equipment and addresses.

RSS will make every effort to provide documentation in electronic format in standards that the client can receive and reproduce. However, due to the variety of market software and hardware, and computer skill sets of client, RSS will not be held responsible for issues that arise as to font change, or document appearance on different browsers or computer equipment, as these issues may be a result of clients equipment and knowledge. RSS does undertake to provide documents in Microsoft Word (,doc) format and PDF files subject to these exclusions, and will make every effort to provide a useful electronic delivery file. Client may request, for additional fees as outlined in the pricing schedule, hard copies of documents via mail or on optical disk. Such documents or tangible property provided within New York State, shall be provided with a charge for NYS Sales Tax, as required by law.

Client understands and agrees that RSS will not verify or be held accountable for the accuracy or truthfulness of any information supplied to them by client. Client further agrees to hold RSS harmless from claims from themselves or any third parties, for any inaccuracies in documents produced by RSS.

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will RSS be liable for special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use the materials in this site or materials and/or documents or coaching advice provided by RSS or an RSS team member. In no event shall RSS liability to a user for any loss, damage or claim exceed the amount paid by the user for accessing this site.
RSS offers links to, and listings of, various third-party Web sites for the convenience of its customers, and, unless otherwise expressly indicated, no affiliation between RSS and an entity linked to or listed is intended. Except where indicated, RSS does not endorse any company or product not offered by the RSS including the advertisers on linked Web sites or on the web sites of listed entities. RSS does not monitor sites linked to and the use of any such link is strictly at the user's own risk. In no event shall RSS be liable for special or consequential damages that result from activity occurring on web sites when a user links to such site from RSS.
This agreement is effective until terminated by either party. You may terminate this agreement at any time by discontinuing your use of RSS site and destroying all materials obtained from it.
Note: Resume Specialist Services Inc ™, RSS ™, and "Capture. Develop. Succeed." are trademarks of Resume Specialist Services Inc.

All parties utilizing this website (RSS) agree that any and all disputes and/or claims, shall be filed in the county of Schoharie, New York. The jurisdiction of any and all disputes and/or claims hereunder shall exist in Schoharie County, New York.


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