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Job Market Update

RSS LogoMany of our clients reported a renewed vigor in the job marketplace and several employers told us that their human resource departments are placing new advertisements for newly opened positions.

This is great news for everyone. If you are presently employed you've probably been carrying more than your share of the workload. If you are presently unemployed then the relief in the marketplace promises a brighter future.

During your time away from the job you've probably been adding skills in other areas that you could now include in your resume. Perhaps working as a volunteer, fund raising, continued education or a temporary position in a different career line.
How do you incorporate these assets into your resume? How can you marginalize your absence from the workplace in your resume? These are questions we hear a lot. Take a look at a hybrid resume - this can help those that have an absence from the workplace as it is not as readily apparent as in a chronological resume. The hybrid resume is also useful for those with limited workplace experience.

In today's world, recruiters and hiring managers report resumes they like are often not 'set up' in traditional formats. Resume Specialist Services can provide you with an up to date and up to fashion resume that will illuminate your strengths and most importantly, create talking points for your interview which will give you an opportunity to showcase your own unique talents.

While the job marketplace rebounds, make sure you are poised to take full and immediate advantage!


Giant Leap Forward

RSS LogoWhile right now you are thinking that all those job applications online are a tiring business. Fill in the form, which is always different for each employer, submit your resume, which is always a different format, and answer a bunch of psychology questions to boot before you even know if you've secured a phone interview. The interview platform is naturally, evolving further!

Employers in growing numbers, are now working toward requesting the job applicant submit to an online interview. While that in itself isn't so new, the next step is the submission of a 'UTube' of sorts, a self job resume.

No time for humility folks, for this will be your opportunity to embrace your five minutes or so of fame, and encapsulate your entire life's work into sound bites. You will need to work on your body language, your tone of voice and diction, your appearance as well as your skill sets to do the job. I feel a trip to the hair salon coming on and that hair dye I never wanted to do again becoming necessary. And where did I put that treadmill.

Well I guess it'll save commuting time and gas, so maybe it's a green solution. But for some people this may be intimidating, though perhaps no worse than the dreaded interview itself. Perhaps those will become unnecessary too. We'll all have no choice but to embrace the change, and soon no doubt will be working as droids from home with a less than now blurry face image on conference calls and sound bite instructions and directions for meetings. Handshakes may disappear altogether, face time will be at a whole different premium and personal help sessions with mates by the water cooler will be extinct. Guess if it becomes time for me to enter a nursing home my kids will have to take a smart phone interview of me and zap it over to the Director and let them decide if I'm worthy of a place based on my coherence, appearance or more likely, the lack thereof.

Written by RSS team member Nikki.

Note from PR/Marketing at RSS:

Don't worry. RSS will be up and running with our multi-media platform soon and we'll guide you through the segment. By the time we've finished with you and you've secured your career spot you'll be able to handle TV interviews with aplomb. I can see you on the Late Show with Johnny Dep on one side and Gordon Ramsay on the other, or the Nightly News ( hopefully still with Brian Williams), discussing the best way to handle the solar energy surplus, happy and confident as ever.


Tips Galore

RSS LogoYes, we have them. We're ready to laden you down with more tips than you can shake a stick at. And about now you'd probably like to shake a stick at quite a few people.

Actually the benefit of just joining our mailing list, will yield you FREE advice and lots of it. We promise to inundate you with it. Add a regular mailing address and we'll send it via snail mail too. Not really, we promise not to overwhelm. After all, it's not as though you're not overwhelmed with everything already.

The RSS team is cognizant that advice needs to be liberally sprinkled on fertile ground to be useful. We'd like to grow our own Amazon rain forest, after all, we might all need it. So feel free to sign up. We'll add some gems here from time to time, but you know, you've got to be in it to win it ( don't you just love cliches, the sign of a good, make that great writer). Just kidding. Hope you'll check back often and do sign up.

RSS Welcomes Fresh Ideas

RSS LogoThe requirements that employers have for resumes are constantly evolving. The dynamic opportunities of utilizing multi media delivery of 'yourself' are in action today and will continue to develop as technology provides the accessibility to a broader audience. RSS currently has several new projects in the works, so check back often to see how we are growing our base of specialist services.

RSS is committed to bring fresh and original formats to its clients and is also proud to be part of a developing task force partnering with employers worldwide to address their specific needs and requests. The elite RSS team receives frequent training to keep abreast of resume writing changes in the marketplace, assuring every client of a first class up to date approach. Additionally each member also individually actively engages with other industry professionals to ensure that RSS produced resumes have the cutting edge and flair required to make them 'sparkle.'

We welcome all suggestions for new services. Whether you are a present client, prospective client, employer or recruiter, we hope you will keep in touch.

Cheer Yourself Up

RSS LogoTrue you could reach for a cocktail, sit down in front of your favorite movie and zone out for a bit. Ease the pressures of the day. Fall asleep a few cocktails later and wake up at two a.m. and retreat quietly to bed and hope your other half ( if you have one ) doesn't notice. Alternatively, you could try something a bit more productive.

I call them the E-men. My E-men ( I prefer to think of them as men but that's just me), are the body's chemical release agents 'endorphins' which are triggered every time you exercise. You don't have to run a marathon around the block to motivate the E-men, they will happily filter into your system and march in step to a brisk walk. Take the dog. He'll leave you alone later and so will the Mrs. The natural high the E-men deliver actually becomes addictive. Yes, it's true. You'll find after about two weeks of walking once a day for about 30 minutes that you actually want to get out of your 'ergonomically, body sculpted designed to energize you chair that doesn't' in front of the what was the box and is now a tiny little laptop computer screen you need glasses to see and get some exercise. You could even visit the gym, maybe meet and commiserate with a few others similarly suffering the downturn in the economy working out at 11.a.m., and compare notes. After all you've already paid for the membership and it's non refundable, you've tried.

As an added bonus you'll ward away the evil stress, enhance your wonderful outer self as well as boost your inner self, and the Mrs., Mr., partner or other yet to be met person will soon be by to offer you the joy of other activities. Well, we can dream can't we...

Seriously. Take care of yourself. It works, I promise.

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