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Green Ribbon Package $209.00


The perfect solution for the economy minded individual. It is geared toward entry level positions or those with minimal experience in the workplace.

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REd Ribbon Package $239.00


A broadbase of support at a very reasonable price that encompasses all key specialist services.

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Blue Ribbon Package $449.00


A premier package that provides unparalled specialist support.

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Yellow Ribbon Package $209.00


A special discount package for members past, present and future of the U.S. military. This includes transition from military to civilian life resumes and includes all the benefits of the Red Ribbon Service.

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RSS LogoResume writing is an art. You can rest assured that the RSS team of experienced professional resume writers brings you world class resume writing.

We provide an intelligent application of the art of writing, together with specific industry knowledge, national and international job experience.

RSS utilizes cutting edge keywords but our valuable team provides no cookie cutter or boxed software approach. Our elite team of resume writing experts have backgrounds that include not just superior resume writing skills, but are also seasoned editors, career counselors, published writers and experienced executives. This unique group of proven professionals also provide full multi-media interview support services and career coaching services for people from all walks of life.

We believe that this country's most important resource is its human resource. The RSS Team is dedicated to furnishing you with the tools you need not just to compete, but to capture, develop and succeed.

Let our 'piece of mind' ensure ' your peace of mind.'




To capture the recruiter or hiring manager's attention is the first step. Here you have approximately twenty seconds to achieve this goal. That's given your resume made it through the employer's software screening. We ensure that your resume is aggressively keyworded to excel through software screening and that your resume highlights your skill sets and illuminates your talents. By producing resumes that 'sparkle' we help ensure you succeed in being selected for the interview and we don't stop there....


So you have the interview now what? We can teach you how to easily develop your telephone or personal interview skills by learning key ways to address questions that may otherwise take you by surprise, and also most importantly, prepare you for the job interview for which you are applying and suggest interactive questions you should ask your interviewer. Our interview counseling services will ensure you are confident and self assured as you enter the interview arena. It's more than a pep talk.

RSS offers a multi media platform for interview help. Please click here to learn more about this valuable resource.


What do you do after the interview? Sit back and wait? The answer is a big NO.

The RSS Team can provide you with follow up tips and intelligent thank you letters to make sure your name stays on top of the pile during the decision making process.

Put our wealth of proven success and integrity to work for you

Can't wait to get started? The process is simple.

RSS Logo Select and purchase one of our packages that fits your individual needs and budget. You will then be contacted via email requesting specific information regarding your job history and career goals. This questionaire is designed to make you think of skills and talents you might have omitted to mention in your present resume.You then submit the questionaire together with any other materials you wish, including your present resume, if you would like it critiqued (included in package price).

Note: If you would like a critique of your resume without edits, you may purchase this service alone. Please click here to see our a la carte options

RSS Logo Our experts will complete a detailed analysis of the material you submit and you will then enjoy a thirty minute, one on one telephone counseling session with an RSS team member experienced in your industry.

RSS Logo Your resume and other documents will be crafted, and our wordsmiths will then forward draft copies via email for your review. You may make, suggest any changes you deem necessary through collaboration with your personal resume writing expert. The edit team at RSS will then issue final copies which will be provided to you electronically. Turn around time from start to finish is generally 72 hours. Expedited service is also available.

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If you'd like to see a resume sample and specific industry information please click on the topics on the index on the left of your screen. Every package and price level is availabe for each industry, so you have full control over your budget and can address your individual needs. All our resumes are individually written and address your unique talents. If you don't see your industry in our list, it doesn't mean we don't cover it. These industries are a small sampling of the broadbase in which we have proven success.


RSS also offers resume update services, specialist resume 'tweaking' geared toward specific jobs ( for a nominal fee), job posting services, web design services for your own URL and address, hard print resumes via mail service, expedited services, biographies, Curriculum Vitae, college SOP's and many more features from which you may pick and choose all at affordable prices. As the market changes we constantly update the services we offer and there are many more in the works. Click here to take advantage of our specialist services......


Need a resume update? All packages include three free updates of your resume within the first six months. While we'd love to welcome you back as a repeat customer for resume updates as you spiral upward in your successful career, we also hope you'll recommend us to your friends and family. We are proud to report that many of our clients come to us through word of mouth, and that when needs arise they return to us for their updates.


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